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  • Web polls are one of the oldest features of Yoda's Datapad. The most recent web poll is displayed on the Yoda's Datapad home page and on the main polls page, and there are more in the archive. They never close, so you are encouraged to vote in each of them - once!
  • Downloads. Download cool Star Wars stuff, like desktop wallpapers and buddy icons for AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.
  • Countdowns to upcoming movies, books, comics, and video games are included in the countdowns section. There's usually a prominent countdown on the homepage, but they can all be found here in the countdowns section.
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The Fan Submissions section of Yoda's Datapad contains art, stories, and more from fans just like you.
  • Fan art is any art made by a Star Wars fan that is not part of a licensed publication. Check out these pages to see art by Star Wars fans, and for information on submitting you own.
  • Fan fiction is any story written by a Star Wars fan that is not published or licensed by Lucasfilm. It doesn't count as part of the "real" Star Wars universe, but it's still fun to read and write! Check out these pages to read stories by Star Wars fans, and for information on submitting you own.
  • Fan films. This is the place to see short Star Wars related films show them to the Star Wars fan community, and to submit your own.
  • Editorials. Do you have an opinion about something Star Wars related? Do you want others to hear it? Here's the place. Go to this page for more information.

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